Online module 2 - Primer on Intellectual Property

Teaching staff

World Intellectual Property Organisation Academy

21 Jun 2021 - 25 Jun 2021


Learning Objectives and Outcomes

The course is designed to give ESRs insights in issues surrounding Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and why they should be aware of them and is offered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (DL001E – DL-001 Primer on Intellectual Property). This course was a pre-emptive requirement before the participation to TRIM-NET Workshop 6 planned for November 2021. The course covered the fundamental aspects of intellectual property (IP): copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, geographical indications, and industrial designs. It also covered contemporary issues impacting the IP field such as: new plant varieties, unfair competition, enforcement of IP rights and emerging issues in IP.

The content and methodology of these General Primer courses are structured to complement self-directed learning and, as such, participants were able to review course material at their own pace.

Content of the course

The course included twelve modules designed to facilitate the sequential expansion and assimilation of general IP concepts:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Overview of IP
  • Module 3: Copyright
  • Module 4: Related Rights
  • Module 5: Trademarks
  • Module 6: Geographical Indications
  • Module 7: Industrial Designs
  • Module 8: Patents
  • Module 9: New Plant Varieties
  • Module 10: Unfair Competition
  • Module 11: Enforcement of IP Rights
  • Module 12: Emerging Issues in IP - IP and Development