Peptide Chemistry and Ubiquitin system targeted drug discovery

Teaching staff

Huib Ovaa

Jason Brown

Bianca van Tol
Katharina Witting
Monique Mulder
Paul Geurink

02 Mar 2020 - 04 Mar 2020
Leiden, The Netherlands


Leiden University Medical Center
Building 2, Einthovenweg 20, 2333 ZC Leiden
the Netherlands

March 2 - 3, 2020 (Huib Ovaa's lab)

Practical courses: 1. Preparation of synthetic Rho- Ub76; 2. FI ubiquitination assay; 3.FP ubiquitination assay

Lectures: 1. Peptide and protein chemistry; 2. Fluorescence polarization assays; 3. The toolbox

March 4, 2020 (Jason Brown)

Lecture. Designing, developing and commercializing a ubiquitin system drug discovery service