Workshop 6 - Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

Teaching staff

Prof. Heinrich Klech MD, PhD, FACP, GFMD (workshop organizer)

  • Treasurer and Member of the board, PharmaTrain
  • Managing director, Vienna School of Clinical Research, Public Health and Medical Education
  • Lecturer Internal Medicine, Medical University Vienna
  • Former VP Medical and regulatory, Eli Lilly Europe

Wolfgang Wein MD, PhD

  • Former marketing and medical director, Eli Lilly
  • Former Executive VP Global Oncology Business, Merck, Darmstadt
  • Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University Vienna

Karin Brauneis, MSc, CMC

  • Senior partner in Business support and consultancy agency
  • Specialist for financial development and funding in bioscience economy
  • Specialist for bio-science start ups
  • Specialist in capital investment strategies for bio-science companies

Mario Schwarz-Maurer, MSc

  • Senior partner in business support and consultancy agency
16 Nov 2021 - 17 Nov 2021
Remote course


Scope of the WS:  This workshop will provide a basic understanding and useful lessons for young scientist- entrepreneurs how to cope with the challenges to successfully commercialize a newly discovered compound or molecule which has great clinical potential.

- What are the essential steps to set up a company?

- How to finance each step of development?

-What does the market look like?

- What is the role of various stakeholders in the process?

- When and how to deal /collaborate with strong partners?

-  How to be successful in discussions with investors?

- How far can I stay independent and when I do need a strong partner?

Learning outcomes: At the end of this workshop each participant will have basic and introductory understanding of

  • key developmental concepts and financial challenges of the biotechnology business;                                                                                                                     
  • understand the basic elements of bringing a new medicine successfully to the market (example oncology) by utilization of a robust business plan (milestone concept)  
  • critically evaluate the risk and opportunities to finance each step           
  • create and evaluate opportunities to attract investments by investors or business partners      
  • fundamental aspects of science-based companies (short and long range business plan, collaboration between companies, Target Product Profile, due diligence process, alliances and co-operations, portfolio management).                  
  • the opportunities to collaborate with larger Pharma companies 
  • conceptualize the split of responsibilities in a partnership contract       
  • augment the level of professional enthusiasm, team spirit and entrepreneurship   
  • understand the importance of appropriate communication and leadership at all levels