Workshop 7 - Career Development

Teaching staff

Training by Comm.Coach

and by

Wilbert Zwart, NKI AVL, Solange Desagher, IGMM CNRS, Sheelagh Frame, Ubiquigent, Maria Savino, Beckman Coulter, Mireia Guardingo (Head of Editorial Outreach, Web of Science), Susanne Weg-Remers (DKFZ), Gaganmeet Singh Chadha (Newcastle University), Christine Blattner, KIT

21 Jun 2022 - 22 Jun 2022
Casa de la Ciència, València, Spain


I. Employment

Fundamentals of your great communication – 1st practice.

How to increase your attractiveness for potential employers: the parasites and the leadership indicators of your communication.

Review and feedback of the 1st practice.

Address convenient, relevant and accessible messages to your interviewer.

– 2nd practice.

Review and feedback of the 2nd practice.

Let the facts be your winner - convincing your interviewer – 3rd practice.

Roles, frames and dynamics of an interview: gaining the edge. 4th practice and final recap.


II. Career Options for post-graduate scientists

Career Options in Academia

Career Options in Industry

Career Options in Scholarly Publishing

Career Options in Scientific Management       

Career Options in Technology Transfer 


III. Finding opportunities / Grant funding

How to write a successful grant

How to identify suitable grant funding