Dulce Peris Moreno

Developing new strategies to limit TRIM63/MuRF1- mediated muscle protein loss

Host Lab

INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
AlimH, Clermont Ferrand


Dulce Peris Moreno got her Degree in Marine Sciences (Catholic University of Valencia, Spain) and a Degree in Biotechnology (Catholic University of Valencia, Spain). She was a Laboratory Scholarship Holder (Catholic University of Valencia, Spain). These scholarships granted by the University for helping remarkable students with their education expenses. Dulce went for an Erasmus+ stage in Stavanger University, Norway. She then got a Master of Science in Medical Biology: Specialisation in Neuroscience (Radboud University, the Netherlands). Second year of Master studied abroad: Erasmus+ in University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Dulce is now a PhD student in Biochemistry at INRAE and University of Clermont-Auvergne working on TRIM63/MuRF1. TRIM63/MuRF1 E3 enzyme targets muscle contractile proteins during many diseases (cancer, renal/heart failures, diabetes, etc.) in combination with E2 enzymes, and is associated with patient's health impairment. This study aims at characterising functionally (in vivo transfection, immunohistochemistry) and biochemically muscle specific TRIM63-E2 couples leading to contractile protein degradation. Pharmacological drugs will be designed to inhibit TRIM63-E2s interaction to fight against patient's weakness