Nils Eickhoff

Determining the role TRIM28 in hormone- dependent prostate cancer

Host Lab

Wilbert ZWART
NKI-AVL - Nederlands Kanker Instituut-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
Division of Oncogenomics


Nils Eickhoff obtained his bachelor degree in Molecular Medicine from the Georg-August University Göttingen in 2017, with a thesis project at the Karolinska Institute in the group of Marie Arsenian-Henrikson. Subsequently he graduated in Molecular Biology from the International Max Planck Research School in 2019 with a master’s project investigating RNA interacting and modifying proteins (Group of Prof. M. Bohnsack). In November 2019, Nils started his work as a PhD student in the Lab of Wilbert Zwart at the NKI.

The project aims at investigating the role of TRIM proteins in androgen receptor signaling and their possible role as new therapeutic targets in prostate cancer. Therefore, AR complexes from cell lines and eventually patient material, will be analyzed for their composition using mass spectrometry (RIME) to identify novel interactors. Together with previously described TRIM proteins, their effect on AR signaling will be explored, for example by using inhibitors designed and provided by the network (ESR11 & 12).