Nuno Padrao

Defining the role of TRIM33 in hormone- dependent breast cancer

Host Lab

Wilbert ZWART
NKI-AVL - Nederlands Kanker Instituut-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
Division of Oncogenomics


Nuno Padrão graduated in Biochemistry in 2016 and completed his master degree in Molecular Medicine and Oncology in 2018 by the University of Porto, Portugal. During his master thesis he worked with Inflammatory bowel disease, glycobiology and genetic alterations. Afterwards, he moved to Lisbon to work in atherosclerosis and associated immunologic disorder. In October 2019, he joined Wilbert Zwart's group at the NKI, Amsterdam, as a PhD student.

Around 75% of all breast cancers are positive and dependent on oestrogen receptor (ERα) expression. Moreover, most resistant tumours still depend on ERα action, thus, novel therapeutics are urgently needed to block essential components of the ERα complex. My project ought to determine the role of specific TRIM proteins on ERα protein stability in multiple ERα-positive breast cancer cell and patients’ samples. To achieve that, CRISPR/Cas9 KOs, RIMEs, Chiq-Seq, RNA-seq and cell proliferation assays will be performed. Finally, by comparing paired samples from primary breast cancers and metastases, I will determine which TRIM proteins are associated with acquired resistance to treatment in clinical specimens.